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Biographie "I wasn't in a good mood last night." Said Bode & # 183; Carrington : "It's much more comfortable now." He stretched his arms and yawned. Where is Norton? "Probably still asleep, slacker!" We both looked up at the same time. Because we were standing right under Norton's room. I couldn't help feeling surprised. Norton's room was the only window in the whole row that was still closed. Strange. Do you think they'll forget to call him? Strange, will you get sick? Let's go up and have a look. We went up to the second floor together. Then I met a silly woman in the corridor. When we asked her, she replied that she had knocked on Norton's door, but there was no response. She said she knocked twice, but probably didn't hear it. The door was locked. A sense of foreboding crossed my mind. I shouted as I banged on the door. Norton, Norton, get up! Then, with rising uneasiness, he called again. Get up Ⅲ There was no answer, so we had to go to Colonel Reitrell. He opened his pale blue eyes with an alert look, listened to what we said, and twirled his beard doubtfully. Mrs. Reitrell,Self-closing Faucet, who was usually quick and decisive, did not hesitate. We have to find a way to open the door, and there is no better way. For the second time, I saw the door of the Steltz Stronghold smashed open. On the other side of the door, there was exactly the same thing as the first time-the body of an accidental death! Norton slumped on the bed in his dressing gown. The key is in the pocket of the robe. One hand held a small pistol that looked like a toy,stainless steel toilet, but it was enough to kill people, and a small hole was opened in the middle of his forehead. The moment I saw it, I had some kind of association. However, after a moment, I can no longer remember. Some very old.. I'm so tired that I can't even imagine how tired it is. Ⅳ As soon as he entered Bai Luo's room, he noticed my face and couldn't wait to ask me. What happened? Where's Norton? "Dead!" "Why?"? When I told him briefly. And then, feebly, conclude. The police said it was a suicide. What else can you say besides that? The room was locked and the windows were closed. The key was in the body's pocket. Anyway, I saw it enter the room with my own eyes, Self-closing Shower Valve ,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, and I heard the sound of locking the door. "Do you see him, Hastings?" "Yes, last night." I explained the situation to him. Is it not wrong for you to see Norton? "Of course, you would recognize him anywhere in his nightgown." In a flash, Bai Luo became the original Bai Luo again. Well, it's not the robe that's the problem, it's the person wearing it. It's true! A nightgown. Anyone can wear it. "It is indeed him." "I didn't see his face," I said calmly. But there's nothing wrong with Norton's hair, and he's a little lame. "Anyone can walk with a limp, my God!" I stared at him in astonishment. Do you mean to say that what I see is not Norton? "I did not say that, but because the basis of your assertion that it was Norton was so unscientific that I was helpless.". I didn't say you weren't looking at Norton. It's probably hard for anyone else to pretend to be Norton. The people here are very tall, taller than Norton. In short, the height can not be concealed. Norton is only five or five inches at most. But, it's.. The more I think about it, the more it smells of trickery. Don't you think so? Norton enters his room, locks the door, puts the key in his pocket, and is found dead with a pistol in one hand. And the key is still in the pocket. "So you don't think he committed suicide?" Bai Luo shook his head slowly. Yeah, Norton didn't kill himself, he was murdered. Ⅴ I went downstairs in a daze. At the thought of the case becoming so incomprehensible, I could probably be forgiven for not noticing what was bound to happen next. Because at that time, my mind was already in a daze, and I didn't think normally. In that case, everything is logical.
Norton was killed.. Why were you killed? The purpose was not to let him reveal the secret of what he had witnessed-at least I believed it. But he had already confided the secret to one person. So, that man is supposed to be the target of the murderer. Moreover, that person is not only the target of the murderer to kill, but also in a state of powerless resistance. Of course I should have noticed that! Of course it should be predictable! "Old friend!" When I was about to go out of the room, Bai Luo called me. These are the last words that Perrault said to me. When Cadis went to serve his master, he found his master dead # txt $! Xiao @ Shuo Tiantang & www-xiaoshuotxt-c o m Chapter 18 Ⅰ My heart was heavy and I didn't want to write about it at all. If possible, try not to think about it. Hercules & # 183; Perrault is dead Meanwhile, Arthur Hastings was as good as dead. 。 Let me now relate this fact nakedly. It's the only thing I can do. The cause of his death was judged to be natural. In other words,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, he died of a heart attack. Franklin said he had expected him to die like this. There is no doubt that the shock of Norton's death caused his heart attack. Perhaps by some oversight, the ampoule of amyl nitrite was no longer beside his pillow. Is this an oversight? Or did someone take it away on purpose? No, it must be more complicated. It is reasonable to say that X can never expect Bai Luo to have a heart attack. The reason is that I don't believe that Bai Luo died of natural causes. He and Norton and Barbara.. Franklin was also murdered. Why they were killed is unknown. Who was killed is also a mystery that I can't solve. 
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