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Biographie Ji Ruochen, wearing a frosty mask, said coldly, "Now that you know that I have died and returned, you should understand that past lives are past lives and this life is this life.". I used to be able to show mercy, but this time I won't let you live. Ji Bingxian smiled faintly and said, "If I were afraid of death, I wouldn't know how to practice the two Dharmas.". If you want to kill me, you have to do your best. That's the best. Ji Ruochen's complexion immediately became cold, and his eyes revealed a fierce killing machine. If when he first returned to the world, he was still adhering to the way that those who follow me will prosper and those who resist me will perish, he would certainly not want to kill him immediately, so that Ji Bingxian could seek benevolence and get benevolence, and seek the right way. Since the fellow practitioner could not die in both forms, he did not mind giving her a ride with the mountain and river tripod. [Changjiang Chinese First Issue]. After spending nearly a year with Jitianxia, he is now thinking a lot more, and will no longer always act according to his nature. Ji Bingxian said that he was also here to help him, and it was indeed a great help. The first thing he did on this trip was, apart from Emperor Ming and Concubine Yang, how could he cut off his arm because of such a trivial matter? But Ji Ruochen's mood at the moment is still messy ups and downs, chest blood is still surging, patience is less than half of the past. And Ji Bingxian said clearly, one day is invincible, one day is not willing to rest,plastic bulk containers, where can he stand this kind of endless entanglement? For ascetics in the human world, if both of them are talented and well-matched, fighting is indeed a shortcut to enhance the cultivation of the Tao. However, Ji Ruochen was able to wander in the eight wastelands, so why did he need to cut with others? Ji Ruochen snorted, forced down the killing heart, back to the chair to sit down, shouted: "Jade boy!" The jade boy came in. Wrapped in a light fur coat, she showed her bare feet like jade,plastic trash bins, apparently being called up in her sleep. And she didn't change her clothes, only came in with her inner clothes, shoulders and thighs exposed a large area of snow skin, light fur can be seen under the small clothes as thin as cicada wings, apparently heard the call directly into the Zhongjun account, I don't know whether it was intentional or unintentional. Will become the driving force of the author's creation, please work hard to cheer for the author! Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian _ Tang Chapter thirteen zero meaning one Chapter thirteen zero falling meaning In the autumn of the 14th year of Tianbao, the political situation was turbulent and changed day and night. At that time, the world had been peaceful for a long time, and the officers and soldiers inside the Shanhaiguan Pass did not know the military reform for a long time. An Lushan's army went all the way south and swept across Heshuo. In late autumn, the newly trained army of fifteen thousand has been sent to the front, under the command of Ji Ruochen. With the supplies of Jinzhou, this batch of foot soldiers equipment is much better than the previous eight thousand people, long sword big gun, hard bow armor, everything. This man who helps the world really has some talent. We can't give him any leeway. With more than ten days of leisure, Ji Tianxia constantly received prisoners of war captured by Ji Ruochen, wholesale plastic pallet ,mobile garbage bin, all of which were thrown into the school yard, and the disciples of the Daode Sect used amulets to strengthen their limbs. The strong men in the city of Jinzhou were also recruited into the army in batches. He closed the four gates of Jinzhou, forbidding any miscellaneous people to come in and out at ordinary times, and there were thousands of fierce soldiers patrolling around the city from time to time, so the people in the city did not dare to resist despite their panic. Whenever the number of new army more than three thousand, help the world will be the whole team out of the city, plunder Jinzhou counties around, everywhere, attack all, not without victory. It is euphemistically called war instead of training. So more than a month later, Jinzhou within a radius of hundreds of miles of territory, nearly a million people, has been to help the world in the pocket. Changjiang Chinese no bullet window he also sent troops to move back and forth between these cities, the March route is different every time, but there is no omission, but who want to play this piece of land, whether it is the court official army, or local magnates private soldiers, are wiped out clean. More than half of Hebei Road is managed like an iron bucket by the world. As for the disciples of the Tao Te Sect who were forced to stay in Jinzhou, what they can remember during this period of time is not only alchemy and amulet painting, but also alchemy and amulet painting. Compared with the work done by the slaves of the barbarians as coolies, these monastic people who used to live high in the mountains of immortals and do not associate with ordinary people can only say that their realm is superior and their hard work is the same.
Yunfei originally presided over the Kun Yu Zhuan yuan Array, which was to compete with the monks in the court. However, since Ji Bingxian came, the monks in the world are still short-sighted. They don't know the key to the compatibility between mortals and Taoism. Therefore, they don't need two heavy firepower to deal with them. Ji Bingxian is enough. So Yunfei fell into the world from the clouds and was caught as a coolie by the world. If so, Ji Ruochen received five thousand soldiers, are already on the battle, have seen blood, have used the amulet, take Dan elite. After completely destroying the twenty thousand troops of Shu Pingjing, Ji Ruochen led his troops to fight a hundred miles east of Tongguan. At that time, he broke through the defenders of Tongguan four times, killed thirty thousand enemies, captured twenty thousand, and killed dozens of enemy generals. Changjiang Chinese no bullet window to get such a record, Ji Ruochen army also paid a heavy price, when an Lushan allocated to his ten thousand soldiers died more than half, only more than four thousand people. The arrival of the new army was as timely as a drought. Tongguan is a strange and dangerous place in the world. After the rebellion of An Lushan, the Guanzhong army continuously went to Tongguan and was placed under the jurisdiction of Ge Shuhan. Despite the loss of troops outside the pass, even his nephew's head was sent back, the elder brother Shu Han's soldiers rose from fifty thousand to two hundred thousand, purely in terms of strength, has been able to fight to the death with the main force of An Lushan Zhongjun. Feng Changqing also went to Dongdu, opened the treasury, and recruited new members. He was very busy. As long as there is money and food, there is no lack of warriors, but in half a month, Feng Changqing has raised eighty thousand new troops. Welcome! But Feng Changqing looked at the recruits in the camp who only knew how to farm with a hoe. But I'm not happy. The common people of this Dynasty did not know how to fight, and the military equipment in various places was extremely lax. The actual number of swords, shields, and spears in the treasury was far from that recorded in the bookkeeping. It was clearly recorded in the armory under the Dongdu Palace that there were four thousand pewter spears, but Feng Changqing ordered people to take a look and found that there were only more than eight hundred spears, and the spear head was almost rusted through,heavy duty plastic pallet, the necklace was faded and broken, and the spear was full of holes. This kind of thing, can also go to battle. 
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