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Biographie Gu Zhuting couldn't bear it any longer. "My Ah Lang was plotted against," she said. "If it hadn't been for a lucky man, he would have died in Long Street. Miss Gongsun told my Ah Lang to stop with a light word? Even if Mr. Shen was here, he wouldn't dare to be so bossy to my Alang. Miss Gongsun, you're too arrogant. Yang Fan said, "When I was in Luoyang, Cui Lin testified that Yang and Shen had already reached a settlement.". In Chang'an for so many days, Yang has been law-abiding, and there is no action against Yin Zong. This time, it is the son of heaven to move west soon, the Ministry of punishment and Yushitai as an advance, Yu regulation Changan please today, unexpectedly touch Changan officials and gentry interests, there is a crazy person to assassinate the imperial commissioner, Yang Fan is just at the right time, suffered the disaster of fish in the pond. Yang Fan coldly glanced at the twelve male and female knights and said in a deep voice, "Personally, I hope the officials and gentry in Chang'an can hand over the murderer and give me justice. As for other things, it has nothing to do with Yang, and Yang will not interfere.". As for the worries of the great families, hehe, do you think the imperial court will calm things down if the imperial commissioner is assassinated? Or Yang on a memorial, to the emperor that in order to maintain the stability of Chang'an, do not wait to pursue the real murderer, the emperor will follow good advice, listen to Yang said? Immature! Miss Gongsun,custom cosmetic packing, if it's just arrogance, there's no cure. If it's arrogance and stupidity, there's no cure! Gongsun Lanzhi really had a little temper. As soon as the red shadow flashed, she swept down the steed like the wind. She grabbed Yang Fan with her five fingers. "Who are you calling stupid?" She said angrily with her apricot eyes breathing fire. "Pow!"! Pop, pop, pop! As if a burst of firecrackers exploded, Gu Zhuting whirled out from behind Yang Fan, like a phantom in front of him, clapping Gongsun Lanzhi's forearm and opening her palm. Beautiful girls if the first impression between each other is not good, it will be more and more not pleasing to the eye,pump tube, inexplicable can enmity, not to mention Gongsun Lanzhi came to curse Yang Fan did not die early, Gu Zhuting has long hated to the bone, a successful move, immediately a "rebound pipa" fan to Gongsun Lanzhi's pretty face. This ancient big girl also only then plays the role of the good little white rabbit in front of Yang Fan, which has a little good temper in front of others. Seeing this, Gongsun Lanzhi was even more angry and immediately fought back. Their fists and palms intersected, their legs and feet collided, and they immediately struggled together. The twelve knights are indeed not GongSun house, but the family sent to strong line se, as to whether there is the meaning of surveillance, that only they know. Since the news of the empress Yi Yu westward, perennially entrenched in Changan each big family patriarch have returned to their respective county, some things on the surface have also gone underground, and those officials who are close to them are temporarily cut off contact, the old guy's nose is sensitive. It is for this reason, when Changan side suddenly accident, they have no time to come forward. There was no general in Shu, polyfoil tube ,eye cream packing tube, so Zheng Yu was held up as a pioneer. As a result, Zheng Yu was so muddleheaded that he was defeated without even finding his opponent. They found Shen Mu again. Shen Mu hurried back, and fear of change in the middle, is entrusted to Gongsun Lanzhi first to appease Yang Fan. Gongsun Lanzhi is the elder sister of Yang Fan's wife. Yang Fan lived in Gongsun's house the last time he went to Chang'an. In the eyes of all the families, Miss Gongsun is indeed the best mediator, even more qualified than Shen Mu, who is about to return. However, if they misjudge one thing from the root, how can they do the right thing on this basis? Now, please come to mediate the person three words did not pass, unexpectedly to Yang Fan's person. In the early morning, I sincerely ask for a recommended ticket and a monthly ticket! . (To be continued.) www.xiaoshuotXt,coM; Chapter 986 female tiger and spirit fox. Gongsun Lanzhi's fists and feet, like her swordsmanship, are also open and closed, powerful and uncast, while Gu Zhuting's martial arts are small and tricky, smart and flexible. Their styles are quite different, but they fight fiercely. Yang Fan sat on the chair, and the two girls fought fiercely in front of him. Both of them were beautiful and beautiful. But the fight is like a female leopard and a fox, you come and I go, you advance and I retreat, one is like flying snow, the other is like a flame flying.
Outsiders only saw a white dress and a red dress. The two girls were very beautiful, and the skin like congealed fat was even more charming because of the rosy glow of the fierce fight. In the eyes of the insiders, the fight between the two men was very fierce, and no matter who was hit by the other side, the body like a new wicker could not bear it. Pop, pop, pop! A few fists and palms intersected, and the two figures in the fierce fight were suddenly divided. "Choke" was a dragon's song. Gongsun Lanzhi's sword was drawn out of its scabbard. Gu Zhuting's eyes flashed. When Gongsun Lanzhi pulled out his sword, he pounced on her. Halfway through, the dagger was drawn out of its scabbard, and a cold light pierced Gongshan Lanzhi's throat. As soon as they saw that the two sides had moved their swords, the twelve male and female knights were so uneasy that they wanted to jump forward, but as soon as their reins were pulled, a long, shrill, sharp whistle suddenly sounded, and an arrow grazed their horse's head and disappeared into the vast jungle. The twelve riders stopped in horror, only to discover that a group of archers had appeared in the forest at an unknown time, and the sharp arrows had locked their bodies. Maqiao rode a purplish red horse, wearing a set of bright armor, holding out his chest and pulling out his back, pressing his long knife in his hand, and strolled over like a parade. The horse bridge came up to them and the reins were reined in. Take tone to make tunnel: "What to do?"? You're tired of living, aren't you? Abandon weapons, dismount, disobey orders, kill without mercy! See Gu Zhuting and Gongsun Lanzhi moved the weapon, Yang Fan's God se is not so natural, his eyes show obvious concern and worry. The Gu brothers, who had been scattered around, slowly approached, while the twelve male and female knights, under the control of the arrows, were forced to dismount and surrender their weapons. An inch long, an inch strong. One inch short,plastic packing tube, one inch dangerous. Gu Zhuting and Gongsun Lanzhi have a short sword and a long sword. The dangerous meaning of fighting again is not comparable to that of just now, but in this way the battle ends quickly, and Gu Zhuting's persistence is not even as long as that of Anu at the beginning. 
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