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Biographie Seeing that Leonard also confirmed the state, Crane put the "dark cross" in his hand and the metal vial containing his blood on the long mottled table in front of him at the same time. I feel that way, too. He answered in the affirmative. Me, too. It's not a hallucination. I analyzed my mind. "Justice," Audrey said in a rather definitive tone. Star Leonard raised his hand and scratched his chin: What could that be? "You need an ancient God to seal behind your throne." After what had happened before, he felt that he had no image in front of Miss Justice, and his posture became more casual. We can try to do an analysis. "Justice" Audrey gingerly looked at "The World" Gelman. Sparrow glanced 。 She was impressed by the gentleman's ability to combine intelligence, develop associations, complete analysis and speculation in a short time. Crane thought for a moment and said without presupposition: "There are only three possibilities, one is that some powerful creature in the real world of the Second Age, at least close to sequence 0, was sealed by Angleweed, the dragon of fantasy, at the bottom of the City of Miracles, behind his throne, but I don't think it's too big, because the ancient God made this travel book and stuffed it into it." It must have its own plot to influence the world in the book and the real world at the same time, and it will not put an unstable factor there for a long time. "Well,turmeric extract powder, we all know to get rid of accidents, not to mention an ancient God." Audrey nodded slightly and talked seriously with "the world" Gelman. At this moment, Leonard said, "Oh": "Perhaps the ancient God of the Utopian Dragon has seen some scenes in the distant future and thinks that the sealed things will help him to realize his plan to some extent?" "So I say it's not possible, not impossible." Crane responded calmly, "The second possibility is that the sealed thing itself is the key to the plot of Angleweed, the dragon of fantasy. When this travel book meets 0-08,pumpkin seed extract, the seal will be lifted and the thing will return to the real world and bring about some change.". I think this one is probably the biggest. It may also involve the true position or intention of the "Dragon of Wisdom". What would that be? Mr. Fool said that after Adam got "0-08", he was closer to the throne of God, so the times changed, which should mean that Adam had collected all the materials of "utopian", only one ceremony was needed.. I don't know if my understanding is right? "Justice" Audrey gives her opinion. " I don't know. I'll pray to Mr. Fool later to see if I can get a clearer revelation. Crane didn't say anything to death. Unfortunately, the old man is an angel of the fourth age and has no deep understanding of the second age, but he is no stranger to Adam. "Star," Leonard said thoughtfully. "I'll try." He wanted to say that he would try to investigate, but then he thought that both of them knew their secrets, so he gave up struggling and said directly: “…… Try asking the old man. "Please." Audrey said her sincere thanks. In her view, this is the "audience" way of things, the most concerned about is undoubtedly their own, others are more to provide help. Then she took the initiative to say: "The third possibility is that what is sealed there is an object or a monster in the world of the book." "Yes, turmeric extract powder ,jujube seed powder, it may be closely related to the world in the book, and destroying it will lead to the collapse of the world in the book, so Angleweed, the ancient God, can only be sealed." Klein offered his own guess. "Justice," Audrey pondered for a moment. "I have an idea about this possibility." Seeing Mr. World and Mr. Star casting their eyes and waiting for the answer, she slowed down her speech and said: "I think about it from a psychological point of view." Since the world in the book was created by Angelweed's "fantasy", the collective subconscious ocean there must have originated from him, with his spiritual, emotional and emotional imprints.
"Perhaps the most extreme of these things are sealed by Levihid, the City of Miracles, some shadows, some fears, or the imprints of some extremely terrible things in his consciousness, as long as he himself has not really overcome them and eradicated them in reality, the collective subconscious of the world in the book can not be eliminated." They can only be sealed, and if left alone, they will gradually pollute the'ocean 'and make the development of history deviate from the predetermined track. Leonard was more attentive than when he attended the internal meeting of the "night watchman" or even the "red glove" team, and after listening to it, he could not help but mention one sentence: "As an ancient God who ruled the sky and the soul, what can make him leave an indelible shadow and produce a very strong fear?" "I don't know." Audrey shook her head frankly, "If purely psychological analysis, since the seal is below the throne, at the bottom of the City of Miracles, and there is a channel extending down, it shows that the source of shadow and fear may initially come from the underground, so the Dragon of Utopia will have it sealed, no, blocked in the underground psychological mapping, otherwise, why not on the side of the throne?" Deep down the hall, in the purpose-built prison, somewhere else? Listening to Miss Justice's words, Crane thought of what happened to Miss Magician and Miss Trial: According to the information provided by the blood clan, they found a castle of uncertain age. At the bottom of the castle, there was a bronze door, which seemed to seal something terrible from the underground. Once they got close to the door, or stayed around too long, they would be polluted and die miserably! It was an ancient castle that did not know what to build to defend, originally guarded by human beings of unknown age. After the blood clan discovered here, no one dared to go deep. At that time,akba boswellic acid, I thought it might be related to demons, at least demigods are qualified to explore. Is there any connection between this and the seal of "City of Miracles" Livisid? Crane's thoughts quickly unfolded, and he quickly pulled out a similar piece of information from his memory:. 
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