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Biographie The little girl in green was furious. With a tight foot, she ran into the woods outside the village and pursued her relentlessly. The lewd monk's flying skill is unique in Jianghu, and the flying skill of the little girl in green is also extraordinary and holy. The two sides compete with each other, and the castration is like shooting stars. Gao Xiang kicked Yin and Yang in the palm, grabbed the man, and turned his head to chase the three-legged old demon. However, the figure of the three-legged old demon just disappeared in a building. He knew that there were mechanisms everywhere in the village, and that the secret passages on the walls could be used to hide. As long as he escaped into the house, it would be difficult to pursue him. He turned to look for the trace of the girl in green and was surprised. Zhuang Ding has fled, the living Yan Po has escaped, the little girl and the evil have disappeared. He knew the little girl in green. The first time he met her was in Niutou Mountain, and the second time was in Chongji Temple in Yanziji. The girl had saved him from the fierce monk's sword in Chongji Temple. Shit! He cried out with a chill and caught up with a Zhuangding. As soon as the demon-conquering pestle stretched out, there was a "bang" and Zhuangding fell to the ground. Holding the palm of Yin and Yang, he could not use his hand, so he stepped on Zhuang Ding and shouted, "Where is Monk Fengyue?"? Say! I said I'll spare your life. "To.." Go east.. Gone, chased by a man in green. Chased away. Zhuang Ding cried out with a split heart. He hurried to the east, put down the palm of Yin and Yang in the grass half a mile away, and untied the King Kong Li Hong. He said hurriedly, "That little girl has helped me out twice. I can't help her. The incense of the prostitute monk is terrible. She's a little girl.." "Childe, go quickly. I'm here." King Kong said in a hurry. He swept up a high hill and suddenly heard a strange laugh coming from the dense forest in front of him on the right. The sound source was half a mile away, and the trees were too dense to see anyone. Without thinking, he flew down, more anxious than a spark. The little girl did not know the pros and cons, but because the obscene monk's words were so ugly that they aroused her infinite hatred, and she chased after them regardless of everything. Two people's flying skill is half a catty, chasing two miles, still keep the distance of about thirty feet,die casting parts, always unable to close. Monk Fengyue was defeated and ran away. The more he ran away, the more frightened he became. He ran into the forest and felt his hair stand on end. The little girl was in hot pursuit, but her flying skills were not inferior to his. She wanted to catch the girl with her genuine talent and learning, but in fact it was difficult. He flew into the forest, reached the depths of the forest, and reached into his arms. Took out a tube-shaped purple tube and put it into the bottom of the sleeve. The little girl had been warned by Gao Xiang, but she thought that in the chase, it was impossible for the monk to use the incense, and when he got the upper hand in the fight, how could he be afraid of the incense? In a moment of carelessness, he was taken in. In the middle of the chase,Stainless steel foundry, he suddenly felt dizzy, top-heavy, and suddenly fell forward. She was shocked, and with a "snap" sound, the sword pierced a huge tree. With a rush, she quickly reached out to hold the trunk. She was waiting to take out the medicine to refresh herself. She felt the sky spinning in front of her eyes and fell to the ground. When she came to her senses, she knew that it was over, that the soft points had been controlled, that the strength of the whole body had been completely lost, and that even the strength of raising her hand had completely disappeared. Holding the staff in one hand, the monk put his arm around her and took her deep into the vines. He threw her into the grass, put down the staff and said with a smile, "Little girl, your delicious swan meat. The monk is very greedy.". Originally, the monk planned to find a place to settle down in the evening. Enjoy it again. But seeing that the West Wind Villa has been lost, we must wait until the evening to let you go out, idle is also idle, enjoy earlier is not everyone happy? Thief monk, how dare you? Do you know who I am? Cried the little girl. The monk pulled off her teeth and said with a sneer, alloy die casting ,deep draw stamping, "There is nothing I dare not do in my life. Who doesn't know that I am a lustful monk and a fearless fugitive?"? Ha-ha! Monk, no matter who you are, I will cook rice for you, and the emperor has no choice but to do so. He took out a small jade vase and said with a grim smile, "Little girl, this is Hehe Chunlu Dan.". Take one for you, and you will remember the first wonderful thing in your life for a lifetime. If you really have a lifetime, you will miss my monk. Whether the girl is willing or not, a red Dan Jiu has been forced into her mouth. She was so anxious that she wanted to vomit blood, her teeth were pulled open, and she had no chance to commit suicide by chewing her tongue to save her innocence. She could only crack her eyes and babble.
As the monk took off his robe, he laughed wildly and said, "Ha ha ha ha!"! As long as a moment's time, the poor monk will not need to control your acupoint, you will be like a hungry and thirsty person, lost by the desire, there is no shame in the world, ha.. The little girl began to calm down, clear big eyes, filled with strange eyes, breathing began to be restless, Jingmeng red Yan pink cheeks began to turn into crimson. With a bang, the monk clapped open the soft hole where she had been made, held up her teeth, gave a strange laugh, and said, "Come on, little kiss, come on!" The girl breathed heavily and threw herself into the monk's arms. The little girl in green was only fifteen or sixteen years old. She was just a little girl who knew a little about human affairs. She had a smattering of knowledge about the word "lust". Under the urging of obscene drugs, she induced the instinct of sex and lost her intelligence. But she did not know what was going on and fell into the arms of the monk, like an absent person who did not know where to put her hands and feet. With a strange laugh, the monk took off her outer clothes, revealing the emerald green chest, exposing the pink neck and a touch of crisp chest. Her whole body was trembling, her breathing was rapid, her hands and feet were stiff, and she was at the mercy of the monk. As soon as the monk's strange hand was pulled, the two men rolled to the ground. Not far away, a ghostly gray ghost appeared. The monk's hand, grabbed the girl's belt, as long as the area down, the girl's life is over. Gray shadow near, suddenly rose up, like a gray cloud, silently rose up the tree, saw a pair of men and women five Zhangs below, this is a septuagenarian, gray robe fluttering, gray beard brushing chest, face like pine wind and ancient moon, immortal wind and bone like immortals. Seeing the ugliness below, the old man raised his eyebrows and said to himself, "Evil, how can I let you bring disaster to Jianghu again?" The old man was just about to float down when the shadow in the distance came like lightning. When Gao Xiang arrived, he blurted out, "Where are you, little girl?" Frightened, Fengyue Monk quickly pushed the little girl away, sat up, and hurriedly reached out to grab the staff leaning on the tree trunk. As a result, the grass made a rustling sound. The little girl lay in a daze in the grass, with her hair in disorder and her hair in disorder. Her whole body was convulsing,Steel investment casting, her eyes were shining with extraordinary splendor, her breath was heavy and her face seemed to be smiling, and her hands were trembling and groping on her body. 
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