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Biographie A remote path dozens of miles away from the imperial capital. Haibo looked indifferently at a human-shaped ice sculpture below. He threw a fallen leaf at the eagle. The fallen leaves are floating. Fall slowly. Let's go Haibodong raised his head. Laughing at the two men on the branch. Uh Fa and Jia Lao nodded slightly. Just about to leave. The two men's faces suddenly changed. Suddenly turned his head. He cast his eyes on the huge imperial capital in the distance. What a powerful soul! An exclamation. It came out of the mouths of both of them. The two men immediately looked at each other. They all saw a dignity in each other's eyes. How could the imperial capital suddenly take such a strong man? What, we don't have half wind? Jia Lao said in a low voice. As the guardian of the royal family. Any strong person who suddenly appears in the imperial capital. He must know at the first time. Don't know. This soul. Too powerful. Far from being comparable to "Fama" in a low voice. With a faint touch of horror. Another tree. Haibodong also turned his head and looked in the direction of the imperial capital. The mouth opened slightly. Eyes gradually reveal a touch of surprise: "This soul power.". It seems to be in the body of the little guy Xiao Yan, right? Did he recover his strength? Let's go. Go back and have a look. "Haibo Dongwei squinted his eyes.". He did not tell the two of them the origin of this soul power. I said it casually. Is to fly away to the imperial capital. Uh The two men nodded their heads. Teng followed closely. With the disappearance of three people. The swaying fallen leaves. Finally, it slowly fell on the ice sculpture. Suddenly. With a crisp click. The human-shaped ice sculpture suddenly burst into ice dust. In the moonlight. Gradually dissipate. Small -Say-t-xt- God. Don Chapter three hundred and thirty take three lines of green elixir In the room, Xiao Yan put his hands in front of his face, and after a long time, out of the corner of his eye, he shot out of the gap in his arm and looked at the black ring that did not respond in front of him. Then he put his arm down and touched his body, as if nothing was missing. At this time, Xiao Yan's robe, which was blown up by the fluctuation of his soul, had slowly fallen down, and after feeling that there was no discomfort from his body, he breathed a sigh of relief and looked up at the dark ring in front of him,ibc spill pallet, but still did not see the figure of Yao Lao. What the hell is going on? Frowning and murmuring doubtfully, Xiao Yan called again a few times, but the dark ring was only scattered with deep black light, without any reply, nor a trace of soul movement,plastic pallet suppliers, quiet as a mass of stagnant water. Did it fail? But the previous wave of the soul, is indeed the teacher's ah after waiting for a long time, did not see any reaction, Xiao Yan face slightly at a loss and disappointment, if the old medicine really woke up, it must be the first time in the heart of the reply, but now this scene, it seems that only shows that his soul, is still subject to certain boundaries, so it can no longer be like before. Talk to him casually. But in any case, plastic pallet suppliers ,ibc spill containment pallet, at least Xiao Yan can see from the black ring scattered light, the state of the old medicine, much better than when sleeping, it seems that the seven magic green saliva, is not without effect. Staring at the ring suspended in front of him for a long time, Xiao Yan sighed a long sigh, reached out his hand, grabbed the ring into his hand, and put it on his finger again. This time, the ring did not resist any more. After the dark light continued to shine for a while, it was completely converged and became as unnoticeable as before. Fingers slowly stroked the black ring to restore calm, Xiao Yan rubbed his forehead, after a long time, a wry smile, murmured softly: "Teacher, rest assured, I will continue to think of ways to let you recover." Sighing again, Xiao Yan just wanted to breathe and practice, his eyes suddenly swept to the window, a broken wind carrying the cold came from outside, as the window was forcibly pushed open, Haibo East's figure, also appeared in the room, looking at Xiao Yan, he was somewhat surprised: "recovered?" Hearing this, Xiao Yan was stupefied and immediately felt a little relieved. It must be because of the terrible fluctuation of the soul before. Strong people like Haibodong are very sensitive to these powerful fluctuations of the soul. Got the seven magic green saliva. I just took it. The power of the soul was suddenly restored. But unfortunately. I don't know why. After a while. It was silent again, "Xiao Yan shook his head.".
Half true and half false. Bo Dong was stunned. After a while. With a wry smile, he said, "So you mean you haven't recovered yet?"? Could it be that the seven magic green saliva has no effect? I don't know, but at least now I can feel the power of the restored soul. Back in the day. There is no sense at all. Look at it this way. Seven magic green spirit saliva still has some effect. Xiao Yan seemed to have some helplessness: "It seems that we can only find another way to restore the power of the soul." I was happy for nothing. Haibodon shook his head in disappointment. Sit down on the chair, if you regain your strength. Then go to Yunlan Zong this time. The safety factor can be improved a lot. But there is no such thing. Even with my protection. It's also very dangerous. The Yunlan Sect has been passed down for so many years. The strength of those elders. It's also ridiculously strong. In addition, the people of Yunlan clan are the best at fighting together. So superimposed. Even me. I have to avoid the edge for a while. "Hehe.". You are such a strong fighting emperor. Even if you can't beat him. No one can stop you from running, can they? Xiao Yan joked. You want to be simple. Haibo Dong shook his head. There was a moment of silence. Suddenly staring at Xiao Yan. "Little fellow,collapsible pallet box," he said in a low voice. One more day. You have to go to Yunlan Sect. I want. Some things. We have to agree with you in advance. Looking at Haibodong's face, which suddenly became dignified, Xiao Yan was slightly stunned and immediately nodded silently: "You say." 。 
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