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Biographie "You have." Still dare to defend? "I didn't!" She jumped up. You didn't rush over and pin me against the wall? You're not screaming about being hungry? He went to the counter, took an apple and asked, "Would you like a glass of freshly made juice?" "Yes!" A silly girl nodded clumsily. That's it. You threw me down, you grabbed my lunch box, and you begged me for juice. Doesn't that sum up as you threw me down hungrily? All right, let's start peeling and making juice. Me, me, me, me.. You, you -- "She was speechless.". Never, never annoy a seemingly harmless and kind cream boy, because his return is very immediate and childish, but can be angry to death! Really What a.. Dead kid! This must be the price that must be paid for the love between brother and sister. Wang Youzhen thought secretly in her heart. And she, too, admitted it. Fang Chang, you don't know, her blood must be cold! She must be an emotionless robot! How can someone be so calm? I doubt that the word "pale" is in her dictionary! And the kind of "laughter" she knows must be the kind that is usually polite to people. That is to say,impact beam tubes, she doesn't know what a real smile is! I pity her, I — "You've been on the phone for 45 minutes. Isn't it time to get to the point?" Every day for half a month, and most of the time in the evening, Fang Chang's home phone was busy, and the content of the busy line was really the same. It was all a long string of "eulogies" for his super secretary. He couldn't stop crying and was so intoxicated that he almost forgot that the real business was still waiting to be discussed and solved, and Fang Chang had to remind him again and again. Zhou Shao shouted at the other end: Wait, I haven't finished talking about her yet! You have to know more about her before you can help me think of a solution! You don't know,Cold Drawn Tubes, she is very powerful, and we can't see what she is thinking. Worthy of being trained by that workaholic, even when facing my uncle, he had no expression when he pounded the table and scolded. People are scared, you know? At that time, I wanted to take the opportunity to urinate, and I also saw that Secretary Liu was so scared that his hands were shaking, and the others were simply paralyzed! She was the only one in the vice president's office who dared to stand in front of my second uncle to reason. I was afraid that my second uncle would slap him on the spot! I didn't leave because I was afraid she would get hurt. But she is really ungrateful, after the second uncle left, she asked for a meeting, and then I was miserable electricity! Is this a way to vent your anger? Tell me! "She was almost beaten?" Fang Chang frowned and his voice was no longer casual. It was in that pose, yes. But how dare my uncle really fight? If you really dare to fight, stainless steel tube 304 ,side impact door beams, if Secretary Wang doesn't sue him until he loses his reputation, I'll give it to you! Not to mention that I was in front of her at that time, and I would not allow anyone to assault a woman, especially in my office. My second uncle, oh, he was just shouting. He was too used to shouting loudly, and people let him. But Secretary Wang is really hard-tempered. For her sake, I want to say that I should pass the department budget of the second uncle. Don't delete a cent for him. Why does she, an outsider, fight with my family? This is not good for her. Although the old man relies on her, it would be unwise for her to make enemies of all the company's supervisors for the sake of the old man. But she is inflexible and still scolds me! Fang Chang agrees. In a big family business like the Chou family, the people in high positions are all members of their own family. There are a dozen or so kinship factions, each fighting for its own interests, all trying to dig money out of the company and into their own pockets. This kind of overstatement of the department's budget is already the slightest thing. Why does she bother to push herself into the line of fire? She has never been a strong person, why this time. Chou Shao, what's next? What was the result of your meeting? What else will there be! She still insisted on cutting the 90 million social expenses listed by her second uncle to 20 million, and cutting the 50 million office chores to 10 million. Other details were cut here and there, and several layers of skin were stripped off. The department meeting to be held next Monday is bound to die.
She doesn't know how to turn around at all. I'm really afraid that someone will play tricks secretly and find someone to intimidate her. That's not good. You know, she took the personnel department first, and if she succeeded, wouldn't people in other departments worry about scraping off a big layer of their own oil and water? In order to defend their right to make money, they will certainly make a big move! Yes, maybe all the factions that were at odds with each other would come to a big reconciliation because of her, and the guns would be unanimous against her, so that she could not do anything. Fang Chang frowned even more tightly. Fang Chang, help me think about what I can do to avoid the artillery fire next Monday? We used to review the budget with a stamp. You know, anyway, when it comes up to the general manager's office, someone will naturally come forward to keep an eye on those who have made too serious a report. Isn't it good to let people from different factions fight back and forth? As he spoke, he read it again. Maybe she's standing up just to force you to defend her. She's your subordinate, and you can't watch her being bullied, can you? We had guessed earlier that the task the old man had given her must be to get you really in charge, to drag you into the family struggle, so that you could warm up for the succession. The problem is I don't want it! But now she is wading into the muddy waters of the budget. What should she do? Zhou Shao wailed. "She was really too eager to do so." Previously, the public relations department's payment request incident was handled very well, and Fang Chang pondered in his heart. "Let me think about it. I'll call you tomorrow and tell you how to get out of this." "Yeah?"? Why did you agree to help me so readily this time? What's the matter? Have you found your conscience? Zhou Shao was so touched that he used to have to complain for three hours, and then three hours, Fang Chang would hold his hands high and promise to help him find a way, this time the time spent is really so little that people are so touched! Long live friendship, yeah! Is your mouth tired? Pull in the line. Okay,aluminium coated steel tube, okay! I'm hanging up. Take your time to think. I won't bother you. Bye Hang up quickly, for fear that his brother's moody next second will change his mind and not help him, that is injustice. 
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