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Biographie But she also gave Blue a preventive injection, "but Mom has been looking for a blind date for you these days, let me give you a reminder." The news ruined the mood of the blue morning. So in the afternoon, Xiao Han called and asked her if she wanted to go to the scene with her, and Blue agreed without hesitation. She was driving her own car in the past, to the door of the villa, just to call Xiao Han, who knows at the door unexpectedly met a familiar car, she honked the horn. The man in the black SUV opposite glanced at her Porsche. Assistant Qin, you're here too. Blue saw him, before the dark color, seems to be swept away. They went to the security department to find Xiao Han. Early in the morning, after re-interrogating Du Ruli's nanny, they only investigated the days when the nanny had a holiday, according to the blue tips. When they arrived, Xiao Han was talking to a man in a suit. When Xiao Han saw them coming, he said, "This is Manager Xia Zhihui, who is in charge of the security department here." Xia Zhihui was not very old. He looked gentle. He held out his hand and said politely, "I am the security manager here. If there is any problem,needle valve manufacturer, you can just say it. After all, this kind of murder happened in our villa. We also hope to find out the murderer as soon as possible." Blue looked at his outstretched wrist and was attracted by what was on his wrist. Because Xia Zhihui had other things to do, he didn't stay here much, so he left first. As soon as he left, Qin Lu glanced at the woman beside him and asked in a low voice, "What did you think of?" Wei Lan glanced at him in a little surprise: "It seems that nothing can be hidden from your eyes, Assistant Qin." Qin Luzhuo has learned to ignore the title of Assistant Qin. Wei Lan said softly: "This Manager Xia's family should be very rich." When Xiao Han heard her words, he said with a smile,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, "Teacher Wei, did you see it just once?" Blue said: "The watch on his wrist, more than two hundred thousand." This brand is the favorite brand of her brother-in-law, Fu Zhiheng, Weiran's husband. It is small and expensive. Qin Luzhuo took a deep look at her, "you know a lot about men's watches." Azure: "… …" Well, what does he mean? The author has something to say: Blue: Well, can't I be knowledgeable? Master Zhuo: Oh, so you haven't sent it to anyone? Weilan smiles: So you are sour here. Well, in order to stimulate everyone's enthusiasm for commenting, this chapter sends 100 red envelopes (in fact, if you comment, there will be not only red envelopes, but also more. I don't know why so many girlfriends don't want to do such a cost-effective thing). Chapter 25 Chapter 25 Chapter 25 The viewing of the surveillance video was not smooth. When the murder case just happened, stainless steel hydraulic fitting ,brass tube fitting, the police immediately transferred the surveillance of Du Ruli's villa, but they were told that because Du Ruli had invited her friends to the villa for a party many times before, she had dismantled the surveillance in front of her house on the grounds that many of her friends were celebrities. Although the property side later negotiated several times, the developer of this villa is Hongyuan Group. Du Ruli's identity is almost an open secret in this villa community. So even if her villa did not meet the requirements in many places, the property side did not dare to say anything. Who would have thought that for this reason, it would be so difficult to solve the case now. Since there was no monitoring near Du Ruli's home, Xiao Han changed their thinking and recorded all the vehicles coming in and out at night during the days when the nanny had a holiday. Xiao Han was busy with his group, while Qin Luzhuo found a reason to go out. Blue naturally followed him, and they strolled along the main road of the villa area. The trunks of the tall trees on both sides are bare at the moment, and when the wind blows, the withered and yellow leaves fall down. However, the district has done a good job of greening, in addition to the main road leaves withered, other places, at a glance, lush and green. Qin Luzhuo put his hands in his pockets, seemingly just taking a casual walk. Until he stopped at the pavilion of the rockery in the community and made a slight cold hum from his nose.
Blue turned to look at him and saw the man open his lips and say in a low voice: "The surveillance in this community seems to be very tight, but if you really control the location of these cameras, it's easy to avoid them." …… Blue surprised: "So you were just looking at the entire neighborhood surveillance cameras?" After all, the murderer of Du Ruli, can easily escape from such a tight monitoring, itself is very suspicious. Qin Luzhuo naturally thought of this, so he did not follow Xiao Han to see the monitoring together, but came out in person and walked through the so-called monitoring Skynet in the community. Qin Luzhuo glanced at her. Listen to the blue with a playful smile, light way: "I thought you were walking with me." This time the man really laughed out loud. Blue, wearing a light pink maxmara coat and a belt of the same color around her waist, stood in the pavilion against the wind, like a light lotus blooming alone in winter, elegant and calm. It happened that the cunning between her eyebrows and the indifference on her face made her look not as intellectual as she was on the surface, but more like a sneaky little girl. Qin Luzhuo looked down at her and said, "That's a beautiful idea." Blue looked at him quietly, a pair of black and clear eyes, bright, as if to see through the heart. Qin Luzhuo was a little impatient with her, turned around, and took out the cigarette case from his pocket. As a result, a gust of wind blew over, and the people around him coughed lightly. He thought about it and stuffed the cigarette back into his pants pocket. As he walked back, Blue asked him. No more watching? Qin Luzhuo shook his head, "it's quite cold outside, and it's almost the same." Blue looked at him suspiciously. Is he afraid of the cold? The two men walked back along the way they had come, ready to return to the security office. Qi Xiao, who was in the conference room, was sighing inside. He complained, "Why is the clue broken again?" The man around him, who was about the same age as him,38 tube fitting, nodded, "Yes, I thought there was hope this time." 。 
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