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Biographie On the other hand, Fan Qingbo has been ordered to stay at home by the scholar Fan Bing since she became pregnant. There is no one in charge of the happy day, so Xie Dongfeng naturally dislikes it. The scholar thought about it and felt that it was morally unreasonable, so he decided to take the place of his wife to be the shopkeeper, which frightened Fan Qingbo. Not to mention how chaotic it is outside now, any man is going to pull him to the martial arts conference, any woman. What if he gets molested? Just say that this fool still doesn't know the details of the happy day. At most, he has only read a few clear water romances written by her. If he knows that the erotic books are like this, on the good side, maybe he just forbids her to step into the happy day from now on. On the bad side, he has read all those erotic books. After drawing inferences about other cases from one instance, she will lose her dominance in bed forever! How to calculate this is her loss! No, you have to hold him. Xianggong, people will be empty, lonely and cold at home alone. Fan Qingbo ferociously patted Fan Bing, who stretched his neck and shouted "and me and me", and looked up at the scholar in a weak and pitiful way. The scholar was so coquettish, the legs immediately soft, full of male chauvinism feelings of rapid expansion, the whole person quickly floated up. He hugged her with great pride, comforting and blaming himself, completely forgetting his thoughts of the last moment,plastic pallet supplier, and only wanted to accompany his wife to squat at home. Fan Bing, who was thrown aside, was amazed. While worshipping his master, he once again suspected that he had overestimated him by speculating on the scholar's behavior with the greatest malice? So stupid, I hope the little master is not like him. Fan Bing could not help giggling at the thought of the coming little master. It was a foregone conclusion that the master was willing to degenerate and destroy his name with the surname of the book, and he was unable to save the day. Fortunately, there is a little master now. The man surnamed Shu is stupid and unreliable. The only one who can take care of the family is loyal, reliable, smart,wholesale plastic pallet, capable, courageous and enthusiastic. Sure enough, he is still indispensable to the family. Ha ha! Scholar and Fan Bing, a nervous wife, a little life idea, coincidentally further strengthened the control of Fan Qingbo's actions, which made Fan Qingbo miserable and hated why he said the word "happy pulse" in front of them that day. This day, on the third day of the day, Fan Qingbo woke up lazily, unexpectedly did not see the two stooges in the house rushing to serve, and then turned his head and startled, hanging a big character in front of the bed, afraid that she could not see, Leng was full of her line of sight. Go out for a while for the husband. When the wife wakes up, don't act rashly. If she has something to do, plastic pallet manufacturer ,wholesale plastic pallet, she will always serve her. As soon as the bamboo flute sounds, the husband will return. He silently looked down at the bamboo flute hanging on his chest, which was sent by the scholar two days ago. Seeing his nervous and expectant appearance of offering treasures, and the same pattern engraved on the body of the flute as on the account book of the calligrapher and the silver bracelet, he could not guess that it was made by himself and that there was a ghost. This was the second gift that the scholar had given her since they knew each other. If the first bracelet moved her to make a promise, then the second one made her so entangled that she wanted to grab the land with her head. Naturally, his intentions and sincerity are commendable, but is the shape of the flute too strange? You get two bamboo pipes and say that the sound is different. One is used to call Fan Bing and the other is used to call her husband. You can't make it in a vertical row. Do you have to make it in a horizontal row! The horizontal row is the horizontal row, and you have to find two different lengths, the short one at the top and the long one at the bottom. This mud horse looks like a simplified "two" from the front. Hello! It happened that the scholar stared at her with a gallant, expectant and nervous face, and her words turned into "so special, where did you buy it?" Sure enough, he blinked a pair of bright eyes that could blind people, and shyly admitted that he had done it himself. What else could she say? She could only praise him. By the way, eat some tofu to get back the cost. Hanging this word every day, Fan Qingbo can only comfort herself that this time and space uses traditional Chinese characters, and no one will laugh at her. His stomach growled. Fan Qingbo turned over and got out of bed. When he opened the door, he was startled again. A roll of paper was spread out and hung down in front of the door. This time, there were no words. It was all stick figures with simple lines, or four squares. It was Fan Bing's masterpiece. Box 1: The meal is in the kitchen-it's easy to understand.
The 2nd case: I went out--teenager, who teaches you to follow Gong Yebai appearance to draw oneself this kind of shameless thing? Box 3: Take care-wipe! What's that lump of stuff slumped on the recliner in the painting? Sick, you're looking for smoke! Frame 4: Playing the flute when you have something to do-unable to complain.. Because there is only one big "two" on the screen. Throwing two pieces of paper behind him, Fan Qingbo strode forward. Are you kidding? Both of them thought the other one would be at home and went out. She was finally free, and of course she had to return to a normal life. She wants to go out for a walk and go shopping, she wants to go to the fifth sister's house to ask her about the progress of the golden prostitute/worm, and she wants to go to sister-in-law Chen's house to chat and play Xiaotian. Of course, the most important thing is to fill the stomach. Go out in high spirits after eating. Go to the host, visit the west door, but I don't know whether everyone is too busy or she is too idle, looking for who is not here, asking who is not free. Now the emptiness, loneliness, and coldness she had spoken of casually seemed a little true. Walking in the street with a jar full of snacks, Fan Qingbo slowly remembered that the martial arts conference had begun, and everyone was not afraid of death to watch the fun, right? Once again, he was sure that his desire for exploration had been squandered in his previous life. The Wulin Congress, which had only been seen in books, happened in front of her eyes, but she had little interest. Maybe it's because I know my destiny in advance, but I cherish myself more. Court or Wulin, this kind of high-risk gang is as far away as possible. She has no ambition and just wants to cultivate her own land. Which is not more interesting than watching people fight and kill to tease your husband and make him sick? Speaking of which, where did her two stooges go? Don't get involved in Jianghu affairs. Hey, weren't these two guys at odds before? No matter how she said she was sick, she didn't like the scholar? When did you have such a tacit understanding? Is it really because of the baby? Hum, she is really not as valuable as the child, hum, the legendary mother depends on what the son is expensive. Ah, ah,spill plastic pallet, ah, if she continues to do nothing, she will go on the road of no return for pregnant women. 
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