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Biographie It was already afternoon when we arrived, and the village was full of old and young women and children. When asked, we knew that all the men had gone to the mountains to open mines. After eating at a fellow villager's home, we also walked up the mountain. The mountain seemed to be right in front of us, but we haven't reached it for a long time! In the evening, the setting sun shone down, and the whole mountain seemed to be covered with a blood-red coat. After a long hard walk, we finally arrived at the mine at the foot of the mountain at night. After identifying ourselves to the guard, we entered the rusty iron gate of the mine. The magical private entrepreneur treated us warmly, and I looked at him very carefully: his half-bald hair was irregularly arranged on the top of his head, his fat face showed a sly smile, his short and fat body, and his big belly-there was nothing easy for ordinary people to see! As it was too late, my cousin and I were arranged to rest in a small house in the mine, and the interview was scheduled for tomorrow. After running for a whole day,cosmetic tube, my cousin and I felt very tired, so we went to bed after a simple grooming. About midnight, I felt my lower body suffocating, so I got up from the bed, put on my clothes and went out. My cousin's snoring came wave after wave in the room. After going to the toilet, I was ready to go back to sleep,metal cosmetic tubes, but when I entered the door, I suddenly heard a cry! "Who would cry at this late hour?" Intense curiosity prompted me to walk towards the cry. "The source of the cry seems to be here!" I came to an iron door with a big lock on it! "It's locked!"! How could anyone cry in there? Did I hear wrong? I wondered. But the clear cry inside proved that I had not misheard! Someone must be trapped in there! I have to get someone to open the door! I ran to the guard room and knocked on the door. A few minutes later, the doorman came out sleepily! "Oh, it's an ancient journalist!"! What's going on in the middle of the night? The doorman's tone was displeased that I had woken him up. Quick, someone's locked in! I pointed to the iron gate in the distance! The doorman took one look at it and said disapprovingly, "That's where the ore is piled up. How can there be anyone?" "Someone is crying in there!" I said eagerly! You must have misheard! There are a lot of wild cats in this mountain. Maybe the wild cats are calling! You heard me wrong! The doorman is ready to enter the house. But it was a human cry! Before I had finished speaking, the doorman had closed the door! The tenth chapter of the main text is blood mine (middle). The sound of crying in my ears seemed to be getting clearer and clearer. I knocked on the door several times, but the doorman refused to come out again. In desperation, I went to the front of the iron door again. The wind in the mountains was very strong, and the sound of crying mixed with the wind was very sad. The brick wall in front of me was not high, empty lotion tubes ,eye cream packing tube, which gave me the idea of climbing over the wall. I hope I haven't forgotten my ability to climb over the wall when I was a child! I thought to myself. I struggled to jump up, hooked my hand on the top of the wall, and then slowly put my other hand on it. Good thing there's no glass on it! I congratulated myself. With great effort, I finally climbed to the top of the wall, and then jumped down, and I entered the iron gate. This is indeed a place to pile up minerals. On the ground of hundreds of square meters, piles of minerals are piled around like dense hills. "Woo! Woo!" The cry is closer to me! "It looks like it's there!" I followed the cry to the back of a pile of ore. Walking through the pile of ore, I saw a woman dressed in filial piety, crying and lighting a few pieces of yellow paper, even I did not notice when I came to the front! Sister-in-law, you are burning paper here in the middle of the night! Did something happen at home? I asked slowly. The woman looked up, and by the light of the fire, I saw her face: a pale, bloodless face with a mournful expression, and even more striking was a small "beauty mark" at the corner of her mouth. I'm crying, my man! He died in this mine last month! Said the woman.
"But it's so late. It's not safe here. You'd better go back first and come back early tomorrow." "No need!"! Tomorrow they will all die! With that, an inexplicable wind blew, my eyes seemed to be fascinated by something, and when I could see it again, where was the figure of this woman? I climbed over the wall and went back, but my cousin was still sleeping so hard, and I couldn't sleep any more after my slippers lay on the bed. Tomorrow they will all die! The woman's words kept ringing in my ears! The night seemed to be very long. When I saw the first ray of sunshine, I felt that it had been a long time. Seeing everyone up, I felt it necessary to tell the private entrepreneur about it. After a simple breakfast in the mine, I saw him and the mine manager go into the office, and I followed them. They were about to talk about something, but when they saw me knocking at the door, they stopped talking. Yo, ancient reporter! Sit! Sit! The entrepreneur warmly welcomed me to sit down. I found a stool and sat down. The interview time is 1:30 at noon. Is it a little early now? "Has anyone ever died in this mine?" Hear this word, the look of entrepreneur and mine manager changes, can see, they are very amazed! "Who did you hear that from?" "I heard a woman say that she had a mole on the corner of her mouth!" I went on to describe my experience last night to them! After listening, their expressions became more frightened, especially the mine manager, who was sweating like rain. Niu ~ Niu boss,tube lip gloss, let's stop work today! There are ghosts! The mine manager said with trepidation. Fart, it's not easy to dig such a big blood mine today. It's enough for you to eat for eight lifetimes. How can you stop? Don't listen to that boy! Boss Niu cursed. What, you're mining blood? It's a legend. How can it exist! And it is said that it can only be mined by human blood! I wondered!. 
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