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Biographie She is deliberately not to tell Ruan Qiaoan, Lu Ziyan will come later, since she knew that Lu Ziyan really liked Ruan Qiaoan, her heart was jealous to go crazy. She and Lu Ziyan play from the bottom to the big, from their childhood, know that they will marry Lu Ziyan in the future, but now, so excellent people actually fell in love with someone else, how can she accept this? So now she has to work hard to destroy the feelings between Lu Ziyan and Ruan Qiaoan, because, in this world, the woman who can stand beside Lu Ziyan and accompany him for a lifetime can only be herself. Thinking of this, she took a vicious look at Ruan Qiaoan, then snorted coldly and drank the tea in the cup. At the same time, she said secretly in her heart: Ruan Qiaoan, Lu Ziyan can only be mine. If you don't believe me, we'll see. For Yu Shan fell on his own eyes, Ruan Qiaoan is not found, but she did not want to pay attention to her, Yu Shan from small to large, are proud, now Lu Ziyan fell in love with himself, it is estimated that she can not tolerate. But can not tolerate so what,pumpkin seed extract, love a person is not as long as you have pride enough, Ruan Qiaoan can now be sure, even if he left Lu Ziyan later, then Lu Ziyan will not choose to be with Yu Shan. However, there is a saying in the world that the world is unpredictable. Ruan Qiaoan is so sure of his idea now, but one day in the future, he will be pushed. Turned over 。 Now Yu Shan Ruan Qiaoan does not want to provoke, she wants to look at herself,phycocyanin spirulina, then let her look at it! It's not like you're missing a piece of meat. Just then, Xiao Wu's mother seemed to be full. Then she put down the chopsticks in her hand and looked at Secretary Ling and said, "We are full now. The journey is very tiring. So Xiaoyu, can you send us back to rest?" When Secretary Ling heard this, he hurriedly put down the chopsticks in his hand and nodded quickly: "Of course, I don't know if my uncle is full." Father Wu also put down the chopsticks in his hand with a smile and looked at Secretary Ling nodding: "I'm full, I'm full, Xiaoyu!"! Thank you for your hospitality! The food here is really delicious. "Uncle, if you like it." Now seeing that he has been affirmed by Xiao Wu's parents, Secretary Ling's face is full of smiles. He lowers his head and looks at Xiao Wu beside him. "How is it?"? Are you full? Xiao Wu smiled and nodded: "I'm full." Seeing the interaction between the two people, the smile on Wu's father's face was even more profound. Even Wu's mother's always serious face showed a smile. After all, it was natural to be happy to see her daughter's boyfriend take care of her so much. Now seeing that all three of them were full, Secretary Ling looked at Ruan Qiaoan, because from the beginning he found that Ruan Qiaoan did not eat much, so he asked with concern: "Sister, are you full?" But Ruan Qiaoan had not yet answered, rosmarinic acid supplement ,stesweet stevia, and when Yu Shan heard this, she burst out laughing. Then Wu's father and mother looked at her in puzzlement, as if to ask what was funny about it. Secretary Ling also blushed slightly, while Xiao Wu shook hands nervously. Of course, they knew what Yu Shan was laughing at now. And when Yu Shan saw their eyes, she was embarrassed to open her mouth and said, "It's my fault that I didn't control myself, because I've never seen Secretary Ling so filial, so I lost my temper for a while. I hope my uncle and aunt will forgive me." She also deliberately bit the word "filial piety" very heavily, but Xiao Wu's parents did not know the inside story, so they did not hear anything, but shook their heads with a smile, indicating that it was nothing. Ling secretary and some displeasure looked at Yu Shan, just want to say something, but felt his arm was pulled, he looked down, only to see Ruan Qiaoan. Ruan Qiaoan shook his head slightly at Secretary Ling, saying that there was no need to fall out with Yu Shan now, because it would not benefit them at all. After Secretary Ling understood, he took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in his heart. He now understood why Lu Ziyan didn't like Yu Shan.
Even if her family is rich, her ability is great, but the heart is bad, then nothing, before Secretary Ling and see Yu Shan, or some admiration, after all, a woman alone to make their own business so big. But now, he is somewhat contemptuous of Yu Shan, but also for Lu Ziyan did not like her and feel lucky. Ruan Qiaoan now seemed to know what Secretary Ling was thinking. She smiled and patted Secretary Ling on the shoulder. Then she said with a smile, "I'm full, too, but you'd better send your uncle and aunt back first!"! I'll go back to the company by myself later. Seeing what Ruan Qiaoan said, Secretary Ling was no longer reluctant, but nodded: "All right!"! Be careful on the way. After I send Xiao Wu's parents home, I will also go back to the newspaper office. Xiao Wu, who was following him, also said hurriedly, "Sister Ann, so am I. When I have settled my parents, I will go back to work at the newspaper office immediately. Wait for me at the newspaper office!" Ruan Qiaoan smiled and nodded to them, then got up and sent Xiao Wu's parents out of the hotel door, watched them get on the bus, and then she stood outside the bus and smiled at Xiao Wu's parents. Then he apologized softly: "Uncle and aunt, today's hospitality is not good, but also hope you forgive me!"! You'd better hurry back to rest. I won't bother you. When I have time these days, I'll go and see you. Now Xiao Wu's parents were very satisfied with the beautiful and talkative girl in front of them, so they nodded with a smile: "OK, you are busy with your work, you can go!"! We'll go back to rest first. Ruan Qiaoan nodded with a smile, then looked at Secretary Ling, who was sitting in the driver's seat,ghana seed extract, and told him softly: "You drive carefully, do you know?" Seeing that Secretary Ling answered, she waved and watched their car leave. Chapter 287 I'm just playing with her. 
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