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Biographie "Granny!" When Dongxue and Qiuyue saw Su Huixian, they hurriedly made a salute. Xue Lingyun was lying motionless on the bed, and the person who had cried before fell asleep this time? Su Huixian looked at her blue and purple face, in Su Huixian's memory, she had never been so embarrassed, every time she was dressed up beautiful and publicized, and her grandmother was pressed down. How's it going? Is it better? She asked. Dongxue looked at Xue Lingyun's moving eyes and said, "Grandma, Aunt Xue is badly hurt. I'm afraid she won't be able to get out of bed for half a month." Su Huixian nodded, looked at the mischievous smile on Dongxue's lips, looked at her with a slight anger, and Dongxue restrained a little. In the future, Aunt Liu will take care of Aunt Xue herself, saying that she will atone for her sins, and you will help her. As soon as she said this, Xue Lingyun's eyelashes began to shake violently. Finally, she slowly opened her eyes and spoke in a low voice, as if she had been badly hurt: "Sister, you're here. It's my fault that I didn't pay my respects to you today." He was very aggrieved, and his eyes were still red. But Qiuyue said rudely, "Auntie should respectfully call her grandma, not you, nor can she call herself me, but a maidservant." Although the concubine was higher than the servant girl, she was only half a slave. Xue Lingyun's face changed,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, but the hatred in her eyes could not be concealed. Why was she a slave? She is obviously more special than them! But it happened that Su Huixian did not open her mouth and was waiting for her to speak. Xue Lingyun is already a red and swollen face, twitching, just into the house encountered such a big blow, this will have to open their mouths to call slaves, how can she accept this? Su Huixian shook, how could she have been defeated in the hands of such a thing? This kind of emotional exposure, this kind of self-righteousness.. "In that case, you should have a good rest." She tossed her sleeve and left. Dongxue stamped her foot and said, "Aunt,High Speed Nail Making Machine, how can this be good? If you make grandma angry, our days will be very sad!" So what? And grandpa. Xue Lingyun also has some lack of confidence, she also Ji Junxi at noon to her indifference, but just now he is not to see her? She believed that according to her special, she would always get all the heart of Ji Junxi, but she wanted to see who would listen to who! Xue Lingyun thought innocently, with pity in her eyes, Dongxue was really a simple person. Su Huixian walked back, but her mind was recalling how she had been defeated by such a person. When she first entered the mansion, she called her sister affectionately, which reminded her of Su Huishu, and she was her sister. At that time, she did not call herself a slave, just "I" said, yuanyang reminded herself that it was a laugh, the grandmother naturally had to have the measurement of the grandmother, it was just a trivial matter. She never hid the desire in her eyes, Nail machine supplier ,Coil Nail Making Machine, and when she saw her beautiful hairpin and clothes, she would sigh. She just thought she was straightforward and gave her a lot of things. She also often makes some strange things, Ji Fu up and down will exclaim, but he can only sit upright with the reserve of the grandmother. Gradually Ji Junxi does not come to the room, the belly is getting bigger and bigger, until she slipped the fetus, all the evidence points to himself, he was pushed down by Ji Junxi, a little bit of blood flows out, but it is dystocia.. Su Huixian closed her eyes, and the blood-red one appeared in front of her eyes. When she opened her eyes again, she smiled. The disguised innocence and the despicable cover of this life would become the fatal weakness of that woman. She would let Xue Lingyun taste what was the pain of this world. Chapter 23 Huo Zhengyang wants to take a concubine? After this incident, Su Huixian still stayed in the room to raise the fetus and often took a walk in the courtyard. Chen and Zhou occasionally came to pay their respects. According to their own words, they were doing needlework and reading books in the room, and they had a comfortable life. Su Huixian can still see a lonely look on their faces, Ji Junxi took turns to spend the night in their room, but their stomachs did not move, every time they looked at Su Huixian's growing belly, their eyes showed a look of envy, so Su Huixian can only remain silent, some things are not what she can decide.
Besides, in the magpie room, the magpie moved forward and served Xue Lingyun with unusual thoughtfulness and meticulousness, so that Xue Lingyun could not find anything wrong, so she often made things difficult for the magpie, such as: the orange should not have a little meridian, the medicine should not be too hot or too warm, and so on. Magpie also did one by one, people can not help but feel that the magpie is not a change of a person, but the pillow in the magpie room has recently changed a little frequently, there is even a sharp cut on it. The illness was dragged by Xue Lingyun for two months, and when she returned to the spring courtyard, it was the time when the autumn tiger was in full bloom, and even the servants were reluctant to come out at noon. Granny, it's so stuffy and hot. I wish it would rain. yuanyang fanned Su Huixian. The pregnant woman was afraid of the heat, but she couldn't catch cold, so Su Huixian was dressed tightly and the sweat on her forehead was dripping down. If it rains, it will be cold. Mammy Li wiped Su Huixian's sweat and whispered. Since the last time she was injured, she still took care of Su Huixian as usual, and still scrupulously abided by her duties. Su Huixian also understood that she was such a person, and that she, as in the past, had not been separated because of that incident. Su Huixian touched her stomach, which was as big as a watermelon. Although it was stuffy and hot, her heart was happy, and she talked to the child in her stomach. Granny, the young general's wife is here. Chunhua came in and said. The last time Su Huishu left, she did not come to visit Su Huixian as she said, but why did she come today? Su Huixian stood up with doubts, and Mammy Li supported her. Sister! Su Huishu ran in crying, her face was full of tears, her hair was messy, and she looked very embarrassed. What's the matter with you? When Su Huixian saw her like this, she was startled and hurriedly pulled her in. But Su Hui-shu was crying and did not speak. Su Huixian to see her so is at a loss, from small to large,Iron Nail Making Machine, and have never seen Su Huishu so sad, Su Fu people are spoiling her to let her, never let her suffer such a grievance. 
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