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Biographie "You can't see the old turtle, but you have two brushes." The arrogant and unbridled voice seemed to be quite surprised, once again from the space portal, and then saw a silver-haired coquettish Linghu phase, flying out from it. In his left hand, he held a bow that looked like the best red crystal. The bow was sharp and shining with a chilling light. From time to time, the red stars of the bow overflowed and flew in the air like fireflies, which lasted for a long time. In his right hand, he held an exquisite jade vase that was the size of a palm, carved like the best emerald, emitting a soft dark blue light, and stared at the plum thorns that vomited blood. Novel 520 Www.xs520.La "You, you are so poisonous," Mei Ci shouted angrily to Linghu. Poison? Lao Tzu is even more poisonous. "Linghu Yin Yin smiled, raised his right hand, and sacrificed the exquisite jade vase carelessly, and fell on the plum thorn.". The deep blue light of the exquisite jade vase turned into the size of a giant urn, and the mouth of the vase was surrounded by a blue and white halo, which contained the feminine energy of crushing gold and stone, and spouted out like a waterfall, facing the plum thorns as a hood. Plum thorn really a hair straight, he sensed that the jade bottle sprayed out of the blue and white halo contained in the energy is how abnormal, but under, a succession of three blood spurted out, into a blood amulet fell on the ancient tomahawk. Zero long literature network The ancient tomahawk suddenly turned into a dark yellow stream of water,collapsible pallet bin, like a flash flood, facing the blue and white halo. Listen to "crackle crackle crackle" a burst of ice crack porcelain broken like dense crisp sound sounded, with a touch of blue and white halo, dark yellow water was suddenly nibbled inch by inch, thus disappeared. Seeing this scene, Mei Ci's hands and feet were cold, and his sallow face was full of incredible color. How could he not know that his ancient tomahawk and Linghu's "Blue Sea and Blue Sky Bottle" were not in the same class at all? Even if he vomited blood, it would not help. It could be said that the defeat had been decided. And the next moment, in the flaming star field in front of him,plastic pallet crates, Linghu Xiang's figure suddenly flew out, leaning on the sky bow sharp bow horn antelope hanging horn like a wonderful arc, straight into the plum thorn between the eyebrows. Plum thorn's body trembled violently like an electric shock, let out a miserable scream like being stabbed in the backyard, and with a crisp sound, it fell straight from the air to the ground and fell at the feet of Governor Weipu. As for his ancient tomahawk, it was surrounded by the burning flames in Linghu's star field, wrapped up layer by layer, and received the sea of eyebrows and hearts. Plum thorn this ancient tomahawk named "Sihai Shengping tomahawk" is also a thing of great origin. It is one of the most sacred vessels in Dongping Principality. Now it falls into the hands of Linghu Xiang, but it is cheap for him. Have to say, all this really happened too suddenly, looking at their own side of the biggest rely on plum thorn star gentleman, not waiting for their own fart time, has been knocked down by the altar dust, dead fish in front of their feet, there is no psychological preparation of the governor of Weipu blinked, Leng is half ring back to God. Standing behind Weipu, plastic pallet crates ,plastic pallet price, the two sea sacrifices of the temple of the sea soul looked at the "blue sea and blue sky bottle" in midair, like a child shocked by thunder, with fear and incredible on their faces. They couldn't figure out how one of the twenty-four holy vessels of their own temple of the sea soul suddenly fell into the hands of the star master of the temple of stars and became his proud star vessel? Linghu Xiang, with his silver hair flying and his arrogant and coquettish face, received the star field, the bow leaning on the sky, and the blue sea and blue sky bottle. He fell to the ground from the air. He pointed at the nose of Weipu and a bunch of running dogs without hesitation. He spat wildly: "Who else is not convinced? Stand up for me and see if I can't kill you." Since yuan yuan gave him the blue sea and blue sky vase, Linghu Xiang relied on this holy vessel to practice hard, plus the last life-and-death battle with Beto, which made him realize something, so that Linghu Xiang's strength advanced by leaps and bounds in a period of time, steadily entered the realm of the high-level star king, and touched the threshold of the realm of the star king, and therefore, he was able to deceive the divine consciousness of plum thorn. A sneak attack on him was successful.
Hidden in the dark sneak attack plot, originally unorthodox star division, but Linghu phase is not a gentleman, in mind there is no boring high-level star king style, he thought only his star power is stronger than plum thorn, but to kill him in one fell swoop is very unrealistic, for once and for all, naturally chose to plot against him. Of course, the key to the novel 520 is that this fellow defected to the enemy, and Linghu hated him deeply, so he had no psychological burden to attack him. For another star king, he seemed to be unrestrained and arrogant, but he flatly disdained to do it. Linghu Xiang held his right hand in the void, and the ancient and elegant Sihai Shengping tomahawk appeared in his hand. He slapped the face of the plum thorn lying on the ground and said sarcastically, "Why, old tortoise, you're still not convinced?" After the assimilation of the silver-haired boy's starfish domain, the spiritual brand of the plum thorn has been erased and replaced by his divine consciousness, thus the four seas Shengping tomahawk has completely changed its master. Plum thorn lay on the ground, his eyes bulging like a dead fish, pale, and his mouth gasping like a bellows, broken by the silver-haired boy's knowledge of the sea, his powerful and pure star power was all wasted, and he had become worse than ordinary people, really worse than death. Struggling to raise his head, looking at Linghu with great resentment, Mei Ci said angrily and inexplicably: "You are so shameless, sneak attack from behind, what kind of strong man.." Without waiting for him to finish, the silver-haired boy's eyebrows jumped, his face was shrouded in evil spirit, and the four-sea Shengping tomahawk in his hand turned into two meters in length and wrist thickness. The front blade of the tomahawk was flat, and he held it high above his head. With a sound of the wind, he slapped down the plum thorn. "Pa" a muffled sound, like a sucker pumping in the dead pig body, the four seas Shengping tomahawk is in the plum thorn. Plum thorn suddenly held his breath, his body suddenly jumped like a frozen fish, and he was about a foot high from the ground. At the same time, the blood from the seven orifices on his face came out like a small snake and jumped up. Spicy, who do you think you are? A shameless bastard who surrenders to a foreign nation and betrays the empire and the nation,plastic pallet suppliers, how can he even mention the style of a strong man to me? It's too cheap for you to be cut to pieces. What can I do if I attack you? Linghu phase at the same time scold, while the four seas Shengping tomahawk constantly raised his head, to the plum thorn one after another mercilessly patted. 
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