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Biographie "It's true, cousin," said Dongfang Yaling. "It's a kind of blind shift. It's not a great knowledge. As long as you put it like that, when you meet someone who doesn't understand, you can have that effect." Nangong Yuzhen looked up and saw dozens of people trapped in the array, left and right, bumping into each other, like headless flies, but they could not get out of the valley, and their hearts were even more amazed. "Cousin," said Dongfang Yaling in a low voice, "we can pass through this narrow passage." "Excalibur Cui Fang and Tie Buhua are still fighting with strong enemies," said Nangong Yuzhen. "Cousin," said Dongfang Yaling, "find a way to subdue the other three as soon as possible. Let's play for time." Nangong Yuzhen smiled and said, "It depends on my cousin's means." The caravan began to move forward again. It was not until Cui Fang waited for the place to fight that he stopped. Nangong Yuzhen slowly got out of the caravan and walked to the place where he started. "Cui Fang," he said, "what is the strength of the other side?" Cui Fang said, "The three swords of the Central Plains have lived up to their reputation, but Lao Tie and I will never be defeated by them. I'm afraid it will take more than two hundred rounds before we can win or lose." Nangong Yuzhen smiled faintly and said, "Get out of the way." Cui Fang and Tie Buhua answered and stepped back quickly. The Central Plains three knives to deal with the sword, magic knife offensive, although not yet defeated, but the two strong offensive,cold drawn tubes, still forced the Central Plains three knives to deal with. After Cui Fang and Tie Buhua suddenly retreated, the pressure of the three knives in the Central Plains suddenly eased a lot. Nangong Yuzhen walked quickly and said coldly, "Are you the three swords of the Central Plains?" "We three brothers," said Wang Bo, "are called the three swords of the Central Plains. The girl is.." Nangong Yuzhen answered, "My name is Nangong Yuzhen. I'm afraid you three don't know me." "Are you a member of the Nangong family?" Asked Wang Bo. "Not bad," said Nangong Yuzhen. "Miss," said Wang Bo, "if you have any orders for our brothers,beam impact tubes, please tell them face to face." Nangong Family's eighteen ways of killing people have long been famous in Jianghu. People in Jianghu all have great scruples about Nangong Family. Nangong Yuzhen smiled faintly and said, "Three of you, please go back."! Your people are dead and wounded, and the rest are trapped. Wang Bo frowned and said, "Miss, our brothers are here under orders." "I know you can't help it," said Nangong Yuzhen. "That's why I'm letting you go." Wang Bo suddenly bowed and said, "Thank you, Miss." Turn around and stride away. Nangong Yuzhen smiled and said, "Yaling, are you going to let them go?" "The prestige of the Nangong Family," said Dongfang Yaling, "is really no small matter in Jianghu.." After a pause, he said, "That's right. Let's go!" Nangong Yuzhen smiled and said, "Little cousin, will those people come out?" Dongfang Yaling had already boarded the caravan. He turned around and said with a smile, aluminium coated steel tube ,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, "Cousin, the magic of the five elements is mysterious, but it can't resist the natural catastrophe. A gust of wind may blow down a bamboo pole, which will destroy the whole change of the magic of the five elements." Nangong Yuzhen asked, "Can the people outside the formation destroy the change of this formation?" "Yes," said Dongfang Yaling! As long as you know a little about the changes of the five elements, you can easily break this situation. They have these talents. After we leave, they will be rescued soon. But whether they can keep their lives depends on their good fortune. Nangong Yuzhen also boarded the caravan, which began to move forward again. The caravan went on for another two days, and along the way, it was surprisingly calm, and there was no accident. But the route has always been arranged by Dongfang Yaling. Two days later, I came to a very desolate place. There was a protruding hillside in front of us, and there was no way out. Looking back, I saw that the mountains were green, and it was a very big mountain. The caravan designed by Dongfang Yaling is also unable to climb the hillside. The motorcade stopped. Excalibur Cui Fang hurried up to Nangong Yuzhen's car and said, "If you go back to the girl, the hillside will block the way. There is no way out.".
” Looking back at Dongfang Yaling, Nangong Yuzhen said in a low voice, "Cousin, the car can't go." "Cousin," said Dongfang Yaling, "ask if anyone knows the name of this place." Nangong Yuzhen said, "Cui Fang, ask if anyone knows the place name of this place." Cui Fang answered and turned away. Moments later, Cui Fang went back and said, "If you go back to the girl, this place is called Feilongpo." Standing on the caravan, Dongfang Yaling looked back for a while and said slowly, "This place is very desolate. However, it seems that the mountain situation is a bit like a Wolong ready to fly." "Cousin," said Nangong Yuzhen, "you say the mountain looks like a flying dragon. Why can't I see it at all?" "Cousin," said Dongfang Yaling, "you can't just look at this hillside. You have to look at the mountains behind it." Nangong Yuzhen glanced up and said, "Well!"! Pretty good! Connect the back and look. It is like a dragon. "Cousin," said Dongfang Yaling, "you have good eyesight. Can you find a pair of dragon eyes?" "Do you still have dragon eyes?" Asked Nangong Yuzhen? What's the point of view? "Cousin," said Dongfang Yaling, "this can only be seen from the image. If there is a resemblance, then tell me." Nangong Yuzhen has enough eyesight to look forward to her husband. I saw the mountains piled up, connected to the hillside below, and as expected, it looked like a Wolong looking up to fly. There are two big valleys in the heavy rock barrier, which seem to be like two eyes. With a sigh of relief, Nangong Yuzhen said, "Cousin, it seems that those two big ravines are two eyes." "It's all right if you have two eyes," said Dongfang Yaling. "Let's go and have a look in those two eyes." "Look in your eyes," said Nangong Yuzhen. "We're going to look into those eyes," said Dongfang Yaling. "Those are two big valleys," said Nangong Yuzhen. "Yes," said Dongfang Yaling! We're going to find those two big valleys and have a look. Nangong Yuzhen was stunned and said,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, "Little cousin, I shouldn't have asked, but I couldn't help it. Are you looking for such a place?" 。 
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